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Pet Portrait Commissions

Request a Commission
Upload clear well-lit image(s)
Select a size (unframed)

All prices are for head+shoulders, unframed paintings.

Thank you for your commission!

Thank you for choosing me to do a one-of-a-kind oil painting of your pet! I am currently shipping ONLY to the United States.

Fill out the form on this page completely.

  1. Be sure to attach a clear, well-lit image (or several) that I can work from.

  2. Once all the information is received, you will be asked to leave a deposit and will gain your spot in line!

  3. All animal oil portraits will be completed and shipped within approximately two to three weeks depending on size and complexity.

  4. It is not recommended for the portrait to be larger than life size. Most head and shoulders portraits look best at 11x14 or smaller. Large scale commissions (16x20" and up) will be completed in one to two months after "we" (client and artist) touch base.

I will be in touch with you as soon as I review your form and images. A 50% deposit is due up front and the balance on completion. 

If you'd like your painting framed before I ship it, there is an additional charge and we can talk about that when the time comes.


These things take time. The oil paint has to dry before it is varnished and wrapped and packed for shipping. If this painting is a gift, and it is not dry or ready to ship when you need it, I can send you a Gift Certificate to present to the recipient. Best not to rush the process and ruin wet paint by shipping before it's dry! Thank you for understanding.


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